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Your role is key to your patients’ long-term oral health. That includes considering issues affecting the whole mouth, including malocclusion. Restorative and orthodontic outcomes alike can be improved with integrated Invisalign treatment. In fact, 96% of surveyed dentists use Invisalign treatment as a pre-restorative technique.1

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Best Practice: Using aligners for the prevention and interception of oral diseases
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Clinical cases:
Invisalign treatment and iTero scanning in action

Clear aligners are not only an effective treatment for malocclusion, they’re also an ideal way to offer minimally invasive care as part of ortho-restorative workflows. A corrected bite promotes the ideal environment for precise, reliable results, with no need for aggressive tooth reduction.

Here is the proportion of dentists who prefer to use Invisalign treatment as a pre-restorative technique compared to prepping the teeth by cutting or shaving for:

dental implants*
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The benefits of iTero scanning and aligner therapy in complex cases
The use of aligner therapy treatment to resolve midline discrepancy and crowding/spacing
Combination approach with both aligner therapy and restorative treatment
Periodontic treatment: simple ortho-restorative treatment
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Invisalign treatment offers precise and reliable treatment plans which build a solid foundation for improved periodontal and gingival health,2 as well as aesthetic benefits

Straighten teeth 75% more predictably with Invisalign aligners and SmartTrack material**

Our customised treatments are based on knowledge from years ofresearch and the treatment of 10M+ patients***

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*Based on a survey of n=106 European Invisalign providers who are classified as having submitted 10 or more Invisalign cases in the past12 months [January 2019-December 2019]. These dentists were asked to indicate whetherthey “prefer using Invisalign clear alignertherapy as a pre-restorative technique forthe below mentioned procedures compared to prepping the teeth (cutting, shaving)” with dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, or composites. Includes Invisalign provider dentists in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy,Nordics (Sweden, Finland,Norway,Denmark). Data on file atAlign Technology, as of August 6, 2020.

**Compared to Invisalign aligners previously made from single-layer(EX30) material.
***Data on file atAlign Technology, 2020.


1. Pacheco-Pereira C,BrandelliJ, Flores-Mir C. Patient satisfaction and quality of life changes afterInvisalign treatment.Am J OrthodDentofacial Orthop. 2018 Jun;153(6):834–41.

2. Patients treated with Invisalign clear aligners have better periodontal/gingival health than patients treated with fixed appliances.AzaripourAet al. Braces versus Invisalign: gingival parameters and patient satisfaction during treatment: a cross-sectional study.BMC OralHealth. 2015:15-60.

3. Wheeler et al. Effect of aligner material on orthodontic tooth movement. Journal ofAligner Orthodontics, 2017.1(1): 21-27.

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