3 easy steps

The Invisalign Go system helps you to identify and assess your patients, to develop a treatment plan that matches their needs and to deliver the smile they have always wanted– all in just 3 easy steps.

1. Identify and assess patients

75% of your patients could benefit from teeth straightening.1

Get help identifying suitable patients in minutes using the Invisalign Case Assessment Tool, giving you support from the outset, so you only take on cases that are right for you.

Receive guidance by simply downloading our app and take intra- and extra- oral photos with your smart phone or tablet – within minutes of uploading your picture you will receive a patient assessment.



1 Prevalence and distribution of selected occlusal characteristics in the US population, 1988-1994. Brunelle et al. Journal of Dental Research 92/96) and NHANES data.

2. Treatment planning

Actively engage your patients in every stage of their treatment with enhanced visualisation via ClinCheck – a powerful tool which takes treatment planning to the next level.

Submit a simple prescription form from your personal Invisalign Doctor Site

Receive multiple treatment plans – developed using the ClinCheck software – that enable you to visualise your patient’s treatment. The treatment plan can also be shared with your patient so they can monitor their own journey

Once you’ve approved the treatment plan, your patient’s complete set of customised aligners will be manufactured and sent to your practice

Get easy-to-follow guidance for each appointment with an Appointment Plan provided by ClinCheck

3. Successful Outcomes & Completion

Invisalign clear aligners lead the way in innovation to give you the precision and control to deliver more predictable outcomes.

Provide your patients with the most technically advanced clear aligner treatment in the world1 and order additional aligners if needed to ensure treatment objectives are met.2,3

Enable your patients to achieve their desired results in as little as three months,4 at the same time as caring for their long-term oral health.5



1 Data on file at Align Technology.
2 Two sets of additional aligners are included in the treatment price as long as the original treatment goal has not changed, as determined by Align.
3 This applies 24 months from the date of shipment of the initial set of aligners for Invisalign Go.
4 Data on file at Align Technology – Treatment times vary with Invisalign Express, Invisalign Go, and Invisalign Lite treatments depending on case complexity and must be determined by your doctor.
5 AlAhmari F & AlOtaibi F. The effect of fixed orthodontic appliances versus clear aligner on periodontal health: a review of the literature. IOSR-JDMS 2018;17(1):19–22.

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