The power to refer with ease.

Invisalign Go has been designed for general dentists.

If the case is deemed too complex for Invisalign Go, a digitally aided referral process enables you to transfer patient photos to a portfolio. As well as ensuring every patient receives the right treatment, you are able to build stronger partnerships with Invisalign-trained specialists who are expert in Comprehensive treatment.

Invisalign Go is designed to:

  • Help you to identify the right patient for Invisalign Go.
  • Help you to finish cases successfully.
  • Ensure your patients are successfully referred to a specialist trained on the Comprehensive portfolio if their case is not suitable for Invisalign Go.
  • Ensure you stay in control and know that you are doing what is best for your patient.
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Three step process

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Clinical parameters

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Referral process

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Training and support

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