Modifications and pricing


Aligner (per arch)1

Treatment parameters


Additional clinical features


Price to professionals2,3

Replacement aligners (each)4

Cancellation fee4

Additional aligners5


Up to 14

Mild crowding

Mild spacing

Minor smile line (horizontal and vertical) imrovements

Minor bite relationship improvement

Minor tooth prominence improvements

SmartForce features6


£875.00 Dual Arch

£655.00 Single Arch

£25.00 each; not to exceed more than
£150.00 per replacement aligner order


Included in the treatment price


Set of 3 retainers

Maintaining smiles


Our material is 30% stronger than other leading clear retainer materials tested7

Manufactured from existing ClinCheck stage, new PVS impressions and/ or infraoral scan (mixed submission possible)8

Pontic support

Bonded lingual wire support

£210.00 - Dual Arch9

£145.00 - Single Arch9




*Some restrictions apply. See “Pricing, Terms & Conditions for Invisalign Go.” All prices quoted in this document exclude VAT.

1Number of aligners indicated by treatment plan. See “Pricing, Terms & Conditions for Invisalign Go”.  2Some restrictions apply. See “Pricing, Terms & Conditions for Invisalign Go.”  3All prices quoted in this document exclude VAT.  4Additional aligners is an option to order new aligners during treatment if further tooth movement  is needed or if clinical results have deviated to such an extent that the aligner(s) no longer fit as long as the original treatment goal is being pursued as determined by Align Technology. Additional aligners are included in the price*, but must be received prior to the Treatment Expiration Date. 5Data on file at Align Technology. 6SmartForce® features include Optimized Attachments and Power Ridge Features. 7Scanning of all new PVS impressions for Vivera® retainers is included in the price. 8Vivera dual arch = 6 Vivera retainers, 3 sets of upper and lower. 9Vivera single arch = 3 Vivera retainers for one arch. *Align Technology reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to charge an additional fee for excessive use or excessive time lapse between orders for an individual patient’s treatment up to a maximum of 40% of the price of the treatment option purchased.