Invisalign Go allows you to treat mild to moderate misalignment cases:

  • Treatment of second pre-molar to second pre-molar
  • Treatment of mild to moderate malocclusion cases
  • Combined treatment of tooth alignment and restorative dentistry
    • Pre-implant spacing
    • Alignment for veneers
    • Alignment for crown restorations
    • Alignment for bridge restorations and composites


Crowding/spacing≤7 mm

Arch/width expansion4 mm per arch

Overbite (deep vs. open) ≤5 mm

Midline discrepancy1 mm

Treatment includes
Number of aligners per archUp to 20 aligners
Additional alignersTwo sets1,2

Dual-arch Treatment 940 £3,4
Single-arch Treatment700 £3,4



1 Two sets of additional aligners are included in the treatment price as long as the original treatment goal has not changed, as determined by Align.
2 This applies 24 months from the date of shipment of the initial set of aligners for Invisalign Go.
3 Some restrictions apply. See “Pricing, Terms & Conditions for Invisalign Go.”
4 All prices quoted in this document exclude VAT.