A solution that meets the needs of a broad range of patients.

Enable your patients to achieve their desired outcomes while caring for their long-term oral health.1

Invisalign Go treatment enables you to correct mild-to-moderate misalignment and malocclusions and it facilitates treatment from second pre-molar to second pre-molar. In addition, it enables you to combine the treatment of tooth alignment with restorative dentistry, including:

  • Pre-implant spacing
  • Alignment for veneers
  • Alignment for crown restorations
  • Alignment for bridge restorations and composites



1 AlAhmari F & AlOtaibi F. The effect of fixed orthodontic appliances versus clear aligner on periodontal health: a review of the literature. IOSR-JDMS 2018;17(1):19–22.

Crowding/spacing ≤7 mm
Arch/width expansion 4 mm per arch
Overbite (deep vs. open) ≤5 mm
Midline discrepancy 1 mm
Treatment includes
  • Number of aligners per arch
  • Additional aligners

Up to 20 aligners
Two sets1,2


1 Two sets of additional aligners are included in the treatment price as long as the original treatment goal has not changed, as determined by Align.
2 This applies 24 months from the date of shipment of the initial set of aligners for Invisalign Go.
3 Some restrictions apply. See “Pricing, Terms & Conditions for Invisalign Go.”
4 All prices quoted in this document exclude VAT.

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