Top 5 Tools To Digitize Your Dental Practice

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, allowing us to become more efficient. Dental practices are introducing new technologies to achieve optimum care, so why not utilize technologies to optimize other areas of the business? Rather than sticking with traditional methods of operation, adding digital tools can dramatically improve productivity within the practice and minimize your administrative workload.

The way in which patients use technology is also trasforming the way they learn and talk about dental services and their experiences. Growing your practice and acquiring new patients requires a new form of engagement - using digital platforms to communicate with this online-based demographic.

Tools for internal use

Dentists are encouraged to go digital in the office with tools designed specifically for the modern practice. From office operations to patient management, digital systems and software can organize and automate tasks that previously required manual input. Internal operation tools can ease the workload for dental teams and create a streamlined work environment. 



Bestosys is a comprehensive digital practice management system for dentists and other healthcare professionals. The software allows dentists to go fully digital, with online resources, a smart calendar and digital patient profiles. Additional features help dentists to increase efficiency of their practice through direct practice management and through social media promotion. The software also includes more advanced components such as dental charting to assess the progress of patients’ treatment, an orthodontic module and lab work management tools. 

Cost: Silver, Gold or Platinum packages can be purchased depending on practice management needs 



Reservio is a digital appointment scheduling and online booking software. Dentists are able to keep track of all scheduling in one calendar, including the possibility to book online, managing patient information and appointments, checking business growth, creating appointment reminders and implementing the schedule within other digital channels such as Google Calendar, iCal or a practice website. 

Cost: Pricing ranges from a starter to pro package depending on the features of the tool needed for the practice


Tools for external use

Patients have gone digital and it’s time for dentists to join the movement. External communication tools are optimal in reaching a new generation of current and prospective patients. Social media, for example, has created a whole new advertising sphere to develop the reputation of a dental practice and attract new patients. 



Having a practice website is the first step to digitizing your business. Patients embrace digital methods of communication, regardless of their age, and choose their dentists by searching for them online. Rather than hiring developers to build your website you can create it by yourself with one of the many templates supplied by Squarespace. The platform is an all-in-one website creator solution which offers integrated website hosting as well as an easy to use editing and maintenance interface so that you can create a beautiful mobile responsive website. 

Cost: Business websites start from € 17 per month



Facebook Business 

Facebook Business is a feature of the social media platform that is specifically made for businesses in order to promote themselves and to engage with customers. A business page can be created and managed through a personal account. Along with a website, a Facebook Business page is a simple and effective way to build an online presence that can attract new patients. On a Facebook Business page, a practice can share contact information, photos, updates, receive reviews and communicate directly with patients outside of the office. Potential patients can easily access the practice facebook page and learn more about the practice. 

Cost: Free, paid advertising options


Jameda - Germany

Jameda is a physician rating and search platform, that dominates the German market with more than 6.5 million users. The platform enables patients to rate their physicians and provide in-depth reviews as well as the ability to schedule an appointment. The platform has become commonly used in the medical industry of Germany and offers the healthcare professionals the option to create a digital merit badge which states their overall rating. The badge is easily shareable and can be embedded on the doctor’s website. Furthermore, the platform helps healthcare professionals to attract new patients by offering in-platform advertising services as well as search marketing capabilities that could rank a practice higher in Google Search results.

Cost: € 0 - € 139 per month, depending on chosen services

Mondocteur - France

Mondocteur is a platform with the goal of connecting doctors with their patients through a set of digital tools. The platform offers the possibility to create a practice website with an integrated appointment scheduling system. In addition to these functionalities, which Mondocteur shares with similar platforms, it has an integrated messaging system, that bridges the gap between the doctor and the patients. Furthermore, the system automatically sends reminders to the patients, making missed appointments a problem of the past. 

Cost:  Quote on request



For dentists with an established online presence, CoSchedule can help organize their content. CoSchedule is an online planning software for businesses' ‘ social media and blog content. Managing an online presence requires time that dentists do not have. CoSchedule arranges the content that will be shared on the practice’s social media accounts to increase efficiency and to make social media management less time consuming. 

Cost: 14 day free trial, after the trial there are Essential, Growth, Professional and Enterprise paid plans based on features that are needed for the practice


Different online tools will be better suited to some practices than others. Dentists are advised to carry out their own assessment to ensure that the chosen tool is appropriate in all regards, including with regards to the protection of the privacy of their patients.

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