Easy Ways To Create Digital Content For Your Practice

Practice websites and practice social media accounts have become increasingly common. To differentiate yourself and ensure that your patients and prospective patients are actively engaged, it is important to consider the kind of content that you will publish onto these platforms.

It can be as easy as adding informative and content-rich posts to your website, which can then be easily shared across your other social media channels. With the amount of tools available online to support content creation and publishing, your dental practice will be up to speed with all things digital in no time – and we’re here to help you understand how.

What content should you publish?

In order to create relevant content, it is important to understand the needs of your patients. A good starting point would be to sit down and consider questions that are commonly asked. For instance, “can I make an insurance claim in a practice,” or “if I have tooth pain should I get it checked out immediately?” These kinds of topics will give you the opportunity to quickly create online content that will be of value to your patients.

This type of content also allows room for you to include contact details and more information about your practice. This can work as free advertising that is subtle, yet provides essential information that your patients or potential patients can utilize (1). 

Other types of content that will drive targeted traffic to your website can include ebooks which are publications in an electronic form and well-written ‘how-to’ posts.

Another consideration is the consistency of your content. When posting content, it is key to do so regularly in order to engage your audience, and the content that you choose to publish should be relevant to your readers. Whether you are targeting parents with kids, adults, seniors or even younger children who are just getting their first teeth, the information provided should be useful and relevant.

Blog posts should be posted regularly enough to ensure that patients – both old and new – feel as if they are part of an ongoing conversation. Posting too often could lead to a lack of interest, while not posting enough could mean that your blog posts are soon forgotten. Once you have a blog post ready, find out about the best time to publish by researching online, and be sure to send an email reminder out to your subscribers to inform them of the exciting new content on your website. Make sure to pay attention to the importance of email timing and how to ensure that it is opened.  

Effective ways to boost your website’s traffic

When generating content for your blog posts, there are a few important aspects to keep in mind. The tone of voice is an important reflection of your business, and whether you are using a formal or informal tone, be sure to keep the article professional and encouraging. Shorter articles tend to be well received, and indicating an estimated reading time of four to five minutes at the top of your article can be a useful trick to encourage readers who want a short but informative article.

An engaging headline is critical in grabbing a reader’s attention, while a balance of images, videos and text can be used to enhance content and make your website visually appealing.

Creating a brand image and setting up style guidelines can help ensure uniformity of content, thus appearing more professional and high-quality. Essentially, try to create content that you would like to see yourself: well-structured and stimulating content presented in an aesthetic and professional manner that is easy to understand and interesting enough to share.

Don’t forget keywords

Another great way to boost traffic to your website is through the use of keywords. In the online world, the term ‘SEO’, or search-engine optimization, generally refers to the practice of using words and phrases that are most likely to appear first on search engine results pages.

Applying the best practices for SEO usage can make a huge difference in standing out amongst the never-ending abundance of content that is already available online. If necessary, hire a SEO expert at a low cost through popular online freelance websites to ensure that your content is targeted and successful in reaching the intended audience.

Using language that is easy to read is a great way to ensure that your content is answering questions that patients are most likely to ask online, thus allowing for your content to appear on more searches across multiple search engine sites.

Creating online content is an impactful way to take your dental practice to the next level. The best content is interesting and informative, and it is something that can be planned ahead to keep your audience checking back for more. Taking the time to write something that is rich with your expertise will add value to your social media presence, and create an environment of people who will like it enough to share it and to trust in your services.

1. Only for countries where permitted in the relevant jurisdiction.

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