Free Design Tools To Create Engaging Content

First impressions for any business are increasingly made online, and as result having a website has become a basic necessity, even for a dental practice.

Basic information such as service and contact information should be clearly showcased, but this alone will not be enough to make your website stand out. It may be time to consider how you can take your website to the next level by publishing some dynamic content.

Luckily, creating content that is informative and engaging has become easier with free tools and sites that assist you from sourcing royalty free images to doing your own graphic design. However, without the right tools or “know-how” it can be more complicated than it needs to be.

This article will introduce certain elements that will allow you to elevate your content, such as implementing videos or starting a blog with rich and informative content that your patients will enjoy reading.

Below we have outlined some free design tools and sites that will assist you in the creation of any content that you desire for your practice, and each tool should only be used as permitted under your local laws, regulations and/or codes.

Start with a blog

One popular way to implement engaging content onto your already existing website is through an informative blog. Thoughtfully written articles from your professional perspective, or Q&As with patients who just finished state of the art procedures will greatly engage your online presence.


A recent HubSpot survey indicated that 53% of marketing professionals counted blog content as one of the top ways to achieve success in creating new interest in their businesses. Even in dentistry your online content is important, and customizing it with photos, videos, illustrations and other interesting elements will engage your target audience - your dental patients.

Images will enrich your content

Images are a necessary accompaniment to any written content that is published online. They will catch your reader's attention and illustrate your point better, but sometimes sourcing images can get complicated due to licensing issues.

There are several popular sites to source free images online, one of which is Stockfreeimages and another is Pixabay. A third great option for curated images that are more current is Unsplash. This platform hosts images that can give your content a fresh aesthetic that would be appealing to your younger patients.

When sourcing images through these platforms, be sure to familiarize yourself with their licensing agreements and accompanying FAQ’s.

Graphic design made easy

Implementing graphic design into your content has become common practice, but the software available to combine text and pictures can range from basic (and free) to advanced.

If the idea of adding graphic design elements to your content is something that you are interested in then check out Canva. This website specializes in beautiful design that’s quick and collaborative. It helps you create visually appealing designs that are user friendly and as easy as “drag and drop.”

If you are looking for a tool that combines your graphic designs with your marketing channels, then check out Snappa. This design tool can help you quickly create online graphics for your social media, ads, blogs and more without advanced software programs or hiring graphic designers.

This tool gives you full control over creating your content, and even offers a larger library of royalty-free and licensed for commercial use images. By easily creating stunning graphic designs with one of these free tools, you will be increasing the interest in your online content and cultivating the kind of readers who will make their next appointment with you.

Video implementation

Videos are without question a great way to capture the attention of prospective patients. One fantastic free service for dentists to use is Bitebank Media, which provides links to patient education videos for free.

Another option is to look at some popular dental product suppliers who provide royalty free licenses so that you can use the copyright in the videos from their website as well.

If you would prefer to create your own fun animated videos, then check out PowToon. It’s another free site that helps you create unique video content that is specific to your dental practice. Just make sure not to forget to look into practical considerations regarding video content that may be copyrighted when adding it to your website or social media channels.

Your online presence has become one of the best ways to create new patient contacts, and to increase your practice growth by being highly visible online. Creating a compelling, interesting presence can be fast, easy and mostly free thanks to the online resources we’ve outlined.

There are plenty of options to help you achieve engaging designs without having to outsource it to the professionals, and devoting just a few hours a week to creating interesting content can reinforce the quality care your practice provides, giving your patients even more of a reason to schedule their next dental service with you.

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