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Highlights from the Align 2019 Growth Summit

Growth – and the paradigm shift
"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming" - David Bowie

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Highlights from the Align 2019 Growth Summit

Growth – and the paradigm shift
"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming" - David Bowie

Grow confidence and trust with video content

With 500 million mobile YouTube views per day, it’s no wonder that growing numbers of dentists, in countries where they are permitted to do so, are turning to video marketing to promote their practices, treatments and patient testimonials.

Harness The Power Of Digital Apps To Support Your Practice

Smartphones are an important part of your patients’ and your colleagues’ everyday lives, so we explore how messaging applications could help improve your communication across you practice.

Do You Know How Your Patients Make Decisions?

Patients sometimes have to make important decisions that will affect the outcome of their dental health and, according to the NHS, more than 40% of people in the UK want to be more involved in decisions about their care.

Could Advances In Restorative Dentistry Help Your Practice Grow?

Restorative dentistry has been transformed by recent technological advances and now the growing demand for minimally invasive treatments could help you to provide clinically beneficial improvements to your patients.

Make Stress Work For You

Research shows that stress levels among dentists are hitting a new high. But how do you recognize the signs of stress and what can you practically do to cope?

Ease Anxiety In Children For A Lifetime Of Good Dental Care

Good habits instilled in childhood can reap dividends in later life. Becoming a family-friendly dental practice will help improve a child’s experience which can lead the way to a longer lasting relationship with the whole family.

Could A Marketing Agency Help Build Your Practice?

Here is our quick guide to choosing the right dental marketing agency. Check it out to assess your current needs and find the right agency for your practice!

Clear Aligner Therapy Is Transforming Dentistry

Demand for aesthetic dentistry has increased exponentially, with clear aligner technology offering patients an opportunity to get the straight teeth they desire discreetly.

Building The Perfect Dental Website

More and more patients are going online to source healthcare services. It’s often the first point of contact a potential patient will have with you, so it’s important to keep your website up to date.

How To Present A Treatment Plan Your Patients Will Love

Dental treatment can be both complex and expensive. From patient denial to complete acceptance, here are our top tips to maximise treatment plan acceptance in your practice today.

Branding Your Dental Practice

Branding can be described as what comes to mind when your patients think of your practice. What kind of feelings or thoughts do they associate with your practice? It goes beyond just having a nice logo.

5 Trends In The Dental Industry For 2018

From 3D printed prosthetics, to the multiplication of group practices, 2018 is predicted to be an exciting year in dental trends. This article will outline the top five trends that are rapidly changing the industry.

Smart Technology For Smart Practices

The digital revolution is gathering pace and smart technology could help dental practices to run more efficiently and engage patients more effectively in their dental care and treatment.

Can You Turn A Patient Complaint Into A Compliment?

No one likes dealing with complaints, but when managed correctly they can help your dental practice to go from strength to strength.

Easy Ways To Create Digital Content For Your Practice

Practice websites and social media accounts are increasingly common. To differentiate yourself and ensure that your patients and prospective patients are actively engaged it’s important to consider the kind of content that you publish.

Free Design Tools To Create Engaging Content

First impressions for any business are increasingly made online, so having a website has become a basic necessity, even for a dental practice. It may be time to consider how you can take your website to the next level.

Is Teledentistry The Future Of Dentistry?

Taking care of your patient's teeth with the help of a laptop and an internet connection, rather than the traditional dental chair may sound odd or even impossible to you, but it is actually gaining traction.

Why Your Personal Brand Is Important To Your Practice

Branding is something we hear a lot about these days, but you may be wondering why you, as a dentist, should be interested in this topic? Well, personal branding is a marketing asset for business, and dentists make no exception.

Three Steps To Building Your Patient’s Trust

Despite the obvious benefits of regular dental care, many patients still regard the dental profession with suspicion and mistrust by potentially failing to understand why a certain procedure is necessary to their oral health.

Social Media Basics To Promote Your Practice

There was a time we’d look to friends and family for recommendations or stick to our family dentist. Today, people are going online and using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to search for a dental office

Women In Dentistry: A Look Back At The Last 50 Years Of Dentistry

For over a century the traditionally male dominated field of dentistry has been experiencing an internal revolution, that reflects the changes of professions worldwide and across a variety of industries. What exactly is this revolution?

Optimize Your Patients' Care

Back in dental school, all the courses, studies, and exams pointed us toward the essential goal of dentistry: quality patient care. Those of us who have been practicing for years can look back at the advances in dentistry and confirm that this profession is experiencing exciting levels of technological growth.

How A Stylish Practice Can Maximize Patient Experience

Dentists have to look beyond their dental services to provide a great patient experience. While aesthetic services are increasingly prevalent in multidisciplinary practices, the focus on aesthetics has shifted to the practice as a whole.

How Digital Is Your Practice ?

As our world grows increasingly digital, industries have keep up with directly-related technology but also with new technology connecting to consumers. Do you know how digital is your practice? Take our test and find out where to improve!

How To Encourage Patients To Leave Positive Online Reviews

Providing a good patient experience extends beyond the dental chair. From the first step of locating a practice to scheduling an appointment and undergoing treatment, there are many factors that influence a patient’s dental experience. 

Top 5 Tools To Digitize Your Dental Practice

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, allowing us to become more efficient. Dental practices are introducing new technologies to achieve optimum care, so why not utilize technologies to optimize other areas of the business?


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