Case 5

Treatment #5


Courtesy of Dr A. Saghir, 2018

Treatment information

  • Age: 22
  • Gender: female
  • Invisalign Treatment Option: Invisalign Go

Chief concern

  • Crowding

Diagnostic summary

  • Crowding

Use of:

  • IPR
  • Optimized rotation attachment (G3)
  • Optimized extrusion attachment (G3)


ClinCheck treatment plan

Treatment summary

Results Achieved

  • Arches aligned and coordinated
  • Functional overjet and overbite
  • Midlines aligned

Total treatment Time

  • 3 months

Number of aligners

  • Maxillary: 14
  • Mandibular: 14

Aligner wear time

  • 1 -week


  • Maxillary: Vivera
  • Mandibular: Vivera
  • Protocol: Multistrand Stainless Steel bonded retainers Upper and Lower arch placed using an Acrylic Jig. Impressions taken for Vivera retainers after placement of the Bonded retainer and subsequently, the patient was provided Vivera retainers to wear every night


We explained the concept of Align, Bleach, Composite to a Smile Makeover to Miss L.C

  • Compliance: Patient used the Invisalign Go Aligners 22 hours per day and changed every 7 days.
  • Patient maintained exceptional periodontal health control using interdental cleaning aids daily
  • Treatment plan: Maintain good oral hygiene and cooperation throughout. Routine monitoring and reinforce importance of compliance.
  • Align Dentition using Invisalign Go making patient aware of anterior alignment aim
  • Home Whitening 10 percent CP used in patients Invisalign Go Aligners 11 and 12
  • On the last day of Aligner 14 we provided minimal composite incisal edge bonding UR3, UR1 and UL2.
  • We also provided proximal bonding M and D UL2 to improve line angles.
  • Provided Retention in form of a multistrand stainless steel bonded retainer upper and lower arch alongside Vivera Upper and Lower retainers to wear every night.


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