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From the first assessment. To the final outcome.


Treating patients – helping people – is at the heart of every general dentist’s practice. But as more and more patients seek the smile they desire, general dentists are not always able to take on aesthetic cases.

Invisalign® Go is a new, simplified approach to teeth straightening that guides you through identifying, planning and treating aesthetic cases (first premolar to first premolar) with our innovative clear aligner technology. So you can say yes to more patients and help them to smile with confidence – extending your practice offering in the process.

  1. Case Assessment. Patient selection made simpler.

    Invisalign Go helps you to get it right from the start by helping you easily identify suitable patients for treatment.

    After uploading intra-oral pictures of your patient to our proprietary system, you receive an assessment of the case’s complexity directly from us based on the parameters of Invisalign Go – so you can determine whether to treat the patient with Invisalign Go.

    Enables you to easily identify the right patient for treatment.

  2. Simplified Treatment Planning. One clear process.

    Once you have determined the patient is suitable for treatment with Invisalign Go, you fill out a simple prescription form and submit it with PVS impressions or an intra-oral scan. 

    A personalized treatment plan developed using our ClinCheck® software, Align’s 3-D treatment planning tool, provides each patient with a clear view of their treatment journey and you with clinical control over their case. 

    Once you have approved the treatment plan, a series of customised clear aligners will be manufactured and shipped to your office.

    Makes progressing through treatment simpler with state-of-the art digital dentistry.

  3. Innovative Progress Assessment. Keeping the treatment on track.

    Patients change their aligners approximately every 2 weeks. Check-up appointments are typically arranged every 8 weeks to ensure the treatment is tracking against plan.

    The Appointment Plan will provide you task-level guidance with specific and detailed tasks to be performed at each appointment.

    A Progress Assessment tool: At any time during treatment, Invisalign Go’s technology allows you to upload new intra-oral photos and, within minutes, receive confirmation of whether or not the case is tracking as planned. If a case ever goes off track, new aligners can be ordered free of charge.

    Gives you the ability to finish cases with confidence.

Flexible for easy integration.

Invisalign Go can be used as a standalone treatment for teeth straightening, or in combination with other aesthetic or restorative approaches to enable more effective outcomes that support a minimally invasive approach to dentistry.

Invisalign Go can treat minor crowding, spacing, orthodontic relapse and other aesthetic teeth alignment cases.

Invisalign Go is suitable for smile improvements in the anterior space (first premolar to first premolar). Your patients can have Invisalign smiles in as little as 7 months.* Invisalign Go is available as Single Arch and Dual Arch treatments.

Your practice can offer a more comprehensive and innovative approach to aesthetic dentistry.

*Average expected treatment time based on the number of aligners within Invisalign Go range.

Invisalign is the world’s leading clear aligner brand.

Our innovative technology has helped over three million people worldwide to smile with confidence, providing a convenient and effective treatment that suits modern lifestyles.

The benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment are clear:

  • Each set of aligners is custom-made to fit patients’ teeth, engineered for comfort and ease.
  • Because the aligners are nearly invisible when worn, patients can undergo treatment with little worry that people will notice the aligners.
  • Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time – so patients are able to maintain good oral hygiene and eat what they like throughout their treatment.

These are just some of the reasons that more than 98,000 dental professionals have chosen to treat with the Invisalign System.

You can help patients smile with confidence throughout their treatment. 

Invisalign Go has been designed for general dentists.

If the case is deemed too complex for Invisalign Go, a new digitally aided referral process allows you to transfer patient photos to an Invisalign trained orthodontist. As well as ensuring every patient receives the right treatment, you are able to build stronger partnership with specialists.

Invisalign Go is designed to:

  • Help general dentists to identify the right patient for Invisalign Go.
  • Help general dentists to finish cases successfully.
  • Ensure patients are successfully referred to an orthodontist if they are not suitable for Invisalign Go.

You stay in control and know you are doing what is best for your patient.

The pricing of Invisalign Go makes it a realistic treatment option for general dentists.

Invisalign Go is available as Single Arch or Dual Arch treatment, so you can address your patient’s needs in the most suitable way.

With a fixed lab fee there are no hidden surprises, allowing you to treat with confidence.

You also receive any additional aligners that are required to reach the original treatment goal at no extra charge.*

You can offer a cost-effective new service.

*Must be ordered prior to the Treatment Expiration Date.

Access support at every stage.

As our technology helps to guide you through each step of a treatment, you also have the reassurance of our support teams at your side.

The Invisalign Go Training Programme – online and in-person.

Our Invisalign® Go Training Programme consists of an online training session, followed by an in-person training day with live hands-on sessions to give you a thorough understanding of how Invisalign Go works.

The in-person training course facilitates hands-on tips and techniques on Invisalign Go digital photography, impressions, interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachments. The content of the training day focuses purely on the use of Invisalign Go in the treatment of patients with minor orthodontic or cosmetic concerns.

Available to all General Dental Practitioners at a total cost of £ 895.*

* All pricing is subject to the local sales taxes applicable for that tax jurisdiction

Register for the training today

You can offer patients a new service, expanding your practice offering.

Support when it counts.

Aligner Consulting Mentoring Service:
You will have access to an online community of Invisalign Go providers hosted by Aligner Consulting, experts of the Invisalign System. Their support will guide you from case selection through to finishing treatment, ensuring you have the confidence to treat your patients with Invisalign Go.

Territory Manager:
You will have a dedicated sales representative assigned to you who will be your point of contact for support. 

You can also contact our free Customer Care or explore the extensive suite of online clinical resources available to you at any stage of treatment.

With support always at your side, you can treat with confidence.

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