Align Technology
Engineering a clear way forward

In 1999, Align Technology introduced the Invisalign System: a nearly invisible teeth straightening treatment, engineered today to treat a range of malocclusions – from simple to complex.

As a global leader in clear aligner therapy, we continue to make it our mission to innovate – evolving a treatment that is more effective for Invisalign patients and Providers.

Over the past 15 years we have invested heavily in pushing the boundaries of clinical predictability to help Invisalign Providers treat safely and effectively. This commitment has resulted in significant breakthroughs including our patented SmartForce® features for more predictable tooth movement, and our SmartTrack® aligner material for more accurate force and predictable outcomes.

This innovation extends to the digital dentistry systems that support Invisalign treatment. ClinCheck® software, our proprietary 3-D treatment planning tool, enables Providers to deliver personalised treatment plans that illustrate the predicted tooth movements from start to finish.

This investment in cutting edge systems and technology has resulted in over three million Invisalign patients being treated worldwide.

But our commitment to helping our Providers to succeed and to grow their practice goes beyond improving the Invisalign System. It also includes improving their and their patients’ Invisalign experience.

All of which reaffirms that Align Technology is committed to helping Invisalign Providers treat with confidence – achieving practice success through successful outcomes.

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